Agenda of 1st ECP

Making Business contacts lies at the heart of the ECP

Keynote. Pitch. Partnering. Exhibition. Networking.

Pitch Schedule

The establishment of mutual business contacts is the focus of European Chemistry Partnering.

The course of the event is simple. On-site registration begins on 26 February  2019 at 09:00 am. The 3rd ECP is opened at 10:00 am with the Keynote. Starting from 11:00 am the Pitches and the Partnering begin. The Exhibition will accompany the event the whole day from 9:00 am.

On the evening before the main event, Monday, 25 February 2019, there will be an informal welcome evening. Take exclusive advantage of achieving visibility through active sponsorship

On Thursday 27 February 2019, the morning following the main event, there will be an informal Breakfast for all those who are still in Frankfurt. Here too a Sponsorship opportunity is offered which you are invited to take advantage of.


Agenda: 3rd European Chemistry Partnering, 26 February 2018

The following is the Agenda of the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering on Tuesday, 26 February 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

0. From 09:00 Registration

1 . Welcome and Keynote Speech

Following the Welcome at 10:00 am the European Chemistry Partnering kicks-off with a Keynote.

2. Pitch. Partnering. Exhibition. Networking.

From 11:00am there are three Parallel Streams: a) Pitches  b) Partnering  c) Exhibition

a) Pitches, starting at 11:00 am

Companies present their Pitches in a precisely defined time-frame. Startups and SMEs are allocated 6 minutes (SME = EU definition). Large companies get 12 minutes. All Pitches are performed without a break. Q & A is not provided.

Pitch Schedule (Status: no registration yet)

b) Partnering, starting at 11:00am

These pre-agreed appointments also start at 11:00. The time allocated for each appointment is 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the Change-over takes place. For the Partnering discussions soundproofed units are provided. All tables are numbered. The appointments will be agreed in the run-up to the ECP via software.

c) Exhibition starting at 09:00am

The accompanying exhibition runs all day from 9 am until the end of the day when it ends with an informal get-together from 17:30 to 19:30pm.

Chemistry makes the world go around

Schedule of Pitches

Please find here a PDF of the current Pitch Schedule (Status: no registration yet)

Chemistry makes the world go around

Schedule of Partnering

Remark: The partnering is carried out without an integrated lunch break. Please block your personal timetable according to your personal schedule for breaks, directly in the partnering system.

11:00Meeting 1
11:20Meeting 2
11:40Meeting 3
12:00Meeting 4
12:20Meeting 5
12:40Meeting 6
13:00Meeting 7
13:20Meeting 8
13:40Meeting 9
14:00Meeting 10
14:20Meeting 11
14:40Meeting 12
15:00Meeting 13
15:20Meeting 14
15:40Meeting 15
16:00Meeting 16
16:20Meeting 17
16:40Meeting 18

Chemistry makes the world go around!

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