Closing Session – Dr. Friedrich Barth

Friedrich Barth, Managing Director ISC3


Friedrich Barth is the Managing Director of the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Center ISC3 in Bonn.


He describes Sustainable Chemistry as a process that supports the implementation of the sound management of chemicals and at the same time creates innovative solutions and new business models for a better world! New solutions and business models should be environmentally sound, socially inclusive and economically viable. ISC3 will promote and develop a new systems thinking where the whole lifecycle of products and processes are designed and implemented according to clear sustainability criteria. Sustainable Chemistry is a key driver for the transformation of our societies towards a circular economy and the implementation of the Sustainable Development goals. With ISC3 Friedrich Barth wants to shape this transformation.


Friedrich Barth studied Physics, Geo-ecology and Hydrology at the Universities of Heidelberg, Bayreuth, Freiburg and Galway. He has more than 25 years of management experience in the areas of Environment, Climate, Energy and Water both in the public as well as in the private sector on international, national and local level. He contributed to the development of the international sustainability agenda at his various management posts at the German Government, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, and as International Consultant.


Friedrich Barth is a passionate olive farmer, has founded the European Water Partnership and is a Board Member of the Club of Rome Europe.



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