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2 gifts for the ECP on 26 February 2019, Frankfurt

On behalf of our Regional Partner, IHK innovativ, of IHK Frankfurt / Main, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we would like to offer you 2 gifts for the ECP

Benefit from these 2 gifts.

1st Gift: You can register for the 3rd ECP at a discounted ticket price – two variants:

    • Book 2 tickets and receive a 25 % Discount:

Use this Promotion code: BF25

    • Book 3 tickets and receive a 33 % Discount:

Use this Promotion code: BF33

2nd Gift For Free:

    • A 6 minute Pitch to present your Innovation as a Hidden Champion. If you have registered with 2 or with 3 participants we will contact you directly.
    • Your Benefit: You can profit from the visibility of a short presentation, a so called Pitch:
    • You gain maximum awareness by the presentation and the corresponding page in the valuable ECP booklet, which is delivered in printed form at the 3rd ECP and will be available electronically afterwards in the internet.

Speed Dating around Chemistry Industry

More than 1,000 decision makers from the chemical industry and its user industries will exchange about innovation, Start-ups, SMEs, big international players, investors and qualified service providers.

Contact Dr. Holger Bengs

If you need additional information in advance, feel free to call our CEO, the initiator of ECP, Dr. Holger Bengs, on his personal mobile phone.

+49 1702971837