Participants from innovative SME, Industry and Investors

Participants of the European Chemistry Partnering

Participating companies at the 4th ECP: At a glance

Status: 19.11.2019

Participants from the following countries have registered:


The numbers behind the company names indicate the number of participants of
this company.

CompanyISO CodeTypeParticipants*
3MUSIndustry & Others**
Air LiquideFRIndustry & Others*
Allessa ChemieDEIndustry & Others*
Analyticon DiscoveryDEStartup*
Apeiron Synthesis S.A.PLIndustry & Others2
Aptar Villingen GmbHDEIndustry & Others**
ArlanxeoNLIndustry & Others*
Asca GmbHDEIndustry & Others**
b.fab GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
Bankhaus Lampe KGDEIndustry & Others*
BASF SEDEIndustry & Others1
BASF VentureDEIndustry & Others*
BCNP ConsultantsDEIndustry & Others*
BeiersdorfDEIndustry & Others*
Bio Base Europe Pilot PlantBESME2
Bioeconomy ClusterDEIndustry & Others*
BIOMIN Holding GmbHATIndustry & Others**
Black Drop Biodrucker GmbHDEStartup*
BorealisATIndustry & Others*
Borouge PteAEIndustry & Others1
BRAINDEIndustry & Others*
BüfaDEIndustry & Others*
CelaneseDEIndustry & Others**
chembid GmbHDEStart-up5
Chemiecluster BayernDEIndustry & Others*
Chemiepark Bitterfeld-WolfenDEIndustry & Others*
ClariantCHIndustry & Others*
CLIBDEIndustry & Others*
Consultant Umweltanalytik und StatistikDEIndustry & Others**
Corden BiochemDEIndustry & Others**
Covestro Deutschland AGDEIndustry & Others1
CrodaUKIndustry & Others**
Daikin Chemical EuropeDEIndustry & Others*
DECHEMADEIndustry & Others*
Digital Hub Rhein-Neckar GmbHDEIndustry & Others3
Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AGCHIndustry & Others1
ECBF - European Circular Bioeconomy FundDEIndustry & Others*
ECTT S.A.LUIndustry & Others*
Emerald VenturesCHIndustry & Others*
Enzymaster Deutschland GmbHDEStart-up1
Erber AGATIndustry & Others*
EvonikDEIndustry & Others*
Evonik VentureDEIndustry & Others*
Fibrothelium GmbH c/o TRIWO Technopark AachenDEStartup*
Forum Start-up ChemieDEIndustry & Others*
Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie IME Institutsteil BioressourcenDEIndustry & Others4
GDCh-JungchemikerforumDEIndustry & Others*
Gesellschaft Deutscher ChemikerDEIndustry & Others*
GivaudanFRIndustry & Others**
GPCAAEIndustry & Others**
HenkelDEIndustry & Others*
Heraeus Holding GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
Hessen Trade & InvestDEIndustry & Others*
Hochschule FreseniusDEIndustry & Others*
HTGFDEIndustry & Others*
IBB NetzwerkDEIndustry & Others*
IBioICGBIndustry & Others*
IHK Frankfurt innovativDEIndustry & Others*
INAMDEIndustry & Others*
Infinite Energy LLCUSIndustry & Others**
Infraserv HoechstDEIndustry & Others*
InnovationLab GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
IntelliDigest Ltd.GBStartup**
ipOcean Global GmbH i.Gr.DEStartup*
ISC3LUIndustry & Others*
JuWiChem – Junge WirtschaftsChemikerinnen der GDChDEIndustry & Others*
Kemgo GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
Kunststoff-Institut LüdenscheidDEIndustry & Others*
Kuraray Europe GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
LanxessDEIndustry & Others*
LG Technology Center EuropeDEIndustry & Others*
MerckDEIndustry & Others*
MitsuiJPIndustry & Others*
Nano-Join GmbHDESME**
Novo HoldingDKIndustry & Others*
Novo Nordisk Center for SustainabilityDKIndustry & Others*
NRW:Bank - DüsseldorfDEIndustry & Others**
Peschl Ultraviolet GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH (PM&P)DEIndustry & Others*
Polyscope Polymers BVNLIndustry & Others1
RianlonCNIndustry & Others*
Sabic VenturesNLIndustry & Others*
SanofiDEIndustry & Others*
Schweizerisch-Deutscher WirtschaftsclubDEIndustry & Others*
Science4LifeDEIndustry & Others*
Scienomics SARLDEIndustry & Others*
Sibelco SCR NVBEIndustry & Others1
silvertex aqua GmbHDESME**
SinopecCNIndustry & Others**
Smart BioprocessDEStartup*
Soffinova PartnersFRIndustry & Others*
SUCROCHEMZAIndustry & Others*
SyngulonBEIndustry & Others*
Taylor WessingUKIndustry & Others*
TesaDEIndustry & Others*
TMD Friction Services GmbHDEIndustry & Others**
TZL-TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH/ chem2bizDEIndustry & Others1
UnileverUKIndustry & Others**
VAA – Führungskräfte ChemieDEPress1
VeevaUSIndustry & Others*
Vereinigung für Chemie und WirtschaftDEIndustry & Others*
Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-MainDEIndustry & Others*
XENOPS Chemicals GmbH & Co. KGDESME**
YNCORIS GmbH & Co. KGDEIndustry & Others*
ZetA Partikelanalytik GmbHDESME**

* verbal commitment for participation

**considering participation


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