Peter Flippo

28. May 2018

“I am looking for companies just like us who are strongly innovative in chemistry and technology and I am really so smashed by seeing how many of them around here. It is extremely impressing, it is really dynamic, it is very good interaction here, I really enjoy it. Absolutely, it started actually before the meeting started and we had already a first discussion at the stands and it was already some link to have a follow up meeting and have interaction and it didn’t stop afterwards. All the discussions we had, all the talks we had, it always ended up with ´we need a next meeting´. I love it because I do everything what I do with passion and I see a lot of passion around from the people around here. So if I am looking for passionate people, they are here, absolutely.”

Peter Flippo, Manager Business Development, Bioprocess Pilot Facility, Eindhoven, Netherlands