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Develop unknown business potential with a Pitch

Make a short presentation before a wide audience and generate unexpected revenue

Pitches Inversed, Start-ups & SME 2020 confirmed

CompanyISO CodeType
Verhaert New Products & ServicesBEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
Bilfinger Digital Next GmbHDEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbHDEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
European Bioeconomy FundDEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGDEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
ISC3DEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
Merck KGaADEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
SanofiDEInversed Pitch for Industry Companies
Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie IME Institutsteil BioressourcenDENon-Technology Companies
Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot InstituteFRNon-Technology Companies
INAMDENon-Technology Companies
AllchemistSINon-Technology Companies
CICCPS - China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector / Öffnung des chinesischen Marktes für EU Technologie UnternehmenbLUNon-Technology Companies
BioNukleo GmbH / Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant NucleosidesDESME
Cyano Biotech GbmHDESME
METRON - Energy Intelligence Optimisation Solutions for IndustrialsFRSME
ChiroBlock GmbHDESME
Deutsche Lithium GmbH / Zinnwald Lithium mica depositDESME
MagnoTherm Solutions GmbHDEStart-up
QYOBO - Big-data powered market analytics for the chemical and pharmaceutical industryDEStart-up
HQS Quantum SimulationsDEStart-up
SeSaM-Biotech GmbHDEStart-up
ARXUM GmbHDEStart-up
FaCellitate, ChemovatorDEStart-up
apheris AI / privacy preserving chemical data sharingDEStart-up
PlastFormance GmbHDEStart-up
Rodan Coatings UG (haftungsbeschränkt)DEStart-up
Fero LabsDEStart-up
LuxYours e.K.DEStart-up
TLK Energy GmbHDEStart-up
Mega Cellulose OyFIStart-up
Smarterials Technology GmbHDEStart-up
Viking Analytics ABSEStart-up
Industrial Analytics IA GmbHDEStart-up
xT Smart Design of ExperimentLVStart-up
Eco-efficient exchanger cleaning with big resource saving potentialATStart-up
Hafnium LabsDKStart-up
Triangular-PST GmbH & Co. KG / Triangular PODDEStart-up
NANOLIKE - IBC monitoringFRStart-up
Alumina dooBAStart-up

Raise your profile with a short presentation (Pitch) at the European Chemistry Partnering:

Take the opportunity to speak to a room full of decision-makers, and Industry experts, who can provide you with helpful tips for making further connections. This indirect way to become better known and to talk about your products and services is an essential part of networking. The ECP offers you this advantage with over 500 participants from the industry.

As an innovative company, book your Pitch together with your registration. You can also register for a Pitch at a later date and present your innovation to a wide audience of experts and decision-makers. In case of high demand we may offer you an opportunity in a parallel session.

Our Pitch Categories

  1. Analytics
  2. Fine & Special Chemicals
  3. Technology & Hardware
  4. Catalysts & Enzymes
  5. New Materials & Nanomaterials
  6. Services & R&D
  7. Digitization
  8. Chemistry & Water
  9. Chemistry & Wood
  10. Chemistry & Energy
  11. Polymers & Applications
  12. 3D Print & Additive Manufacturing

Are you skeptical? Why do you have to pay for the Pitch?

In combination with participation in the Partnering a Pitch offers many advantages:

  • Higher visibility.
  • Gaining the attention of unknown persons
  • Discussions at the Speakers’ Corner directly after the Pitch.
  • Develop opportunities through creative interdisciplinarity.

And. The following additional benefits apply to all:

As an additional benefit, each company receives a page in the high-quality Conference Booklet that is handed out to all participants at the ECP. You can see a sample here:

Your additional benefits of a Pitch as an SME

With a very good presentation small and medium-sized enterprises are sure of the full attention in the auditorium. Furthermore, they make themselves known among their contemporaries. In Partnering, the smaller companies often target the bigger players in the market. This is reasonable and quite understandable. Often, however, networks and collaborations develop between companies of the same size, who sometimes do not know each other because of the wide variety of names and technologies.


Your additional benefits of a Pitch as a Large companies

Large companies can make themselves more easily approachable for the young, small and medium-sized innovative companies by nominating one person for this issue. Even large companies with very well-known brands, find themselves in competition on the international stage. Thus with a Pitch, a large company achieves a competitive advantage.
Conclusion: With a Pitch you can reach more unknown decision-makers and increase your potential with the ECP

Course of the Pitches at the European Chemistry Partnering

A pitch takes 6 minutes for SMEs and 12 minutes for Large companies. Companies present their innovations here. The times are exactly adhered to. The start time for a Pitch is assigned by the organizer.

The order of the presentations will be determined, among other things, dependent on the number of applications. A thematic breakdown of the Pitches may be made by the organizer. However, the very nature of the diversity of the different innovations means that clear demarcation is not always possible.

Who can apply and register for a Pitch?

Any innovative company that wants to offer innovations to the chemical industry and its user industries can register for a Pitch. The price for a Pitch is 95 euros for a small and medium sized company and 950 euros for a Large company.

Innovations can come from the Chemistry industry itself, related disciplines or they can be cross disciplinary. The European Chemistry Partnering places value on bringing together decision-makers from very different sectors:

Current topics include: Industrial biotechnology, new processes through engineering, nanotechnology, digitalization, software and the Internet. All innovations that influence and alter value chains from the raw material side through the development and production to logistics and trade are part of the productive co-operation at the European Chemistry Partnering.